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Thank you for being a champion and helping grow the Fill it Forward movement. 

We know leaders like you are always searching for ways to make an impact. If you love the Fill it Forward story and want to share the experience, we are here to help.

Our program is often used by corporate events, health and wellness, employee engagement, and food service teams. You can help make an impact by making an introduction to your colleague.

You never know where it might lead… For example, in 2018, we met Julie at a sustainability conference, and she shared our story with her team. It led to 200,000+ bottles being diverted from landfills and unlocked 5 giving projects! You can read about it here.

Please feel free to reach out anytime to info@fillitforward.com for additional resources or information. 

Thank you for sharing our story.


Matt Wittek
Founder & CEO

Email Introduction
Here is intro e-mail that you can copy, paste and tweak as needed.

Hello [insert name],

I recently attended [insert conference name] and learned about an interesting company called Fill it Forward.

They are on a mission to inspire reuse and eliminate single-use plastics around the world. I thought their sustainable storytelling, innovative technology, and give-back message would be a great fit for [insert organization name].

They offer a wide range of reusable products like the Cupanion bottle, that gives back and tracks our environmental impact. Here are a couple of helpful links:

How it Works: https://bit.ly/3IOwSs2
Request a Sample: https://bit.ly/3IMbYtN
Contact Form: https://bit.ly/3EzM8qt

I love the experience and think you will too. Have a great day.

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