Celebrating Our Top 25 Changemakers of 2023

At Fill it Forward, we believe choosing to reuse is a simple act of generosity that shows love for our planet and the people on it. Thank you for being a shining example—your leadership and passion inspire change and help to create a better future for us all.

This year, we have chosen to recognize twenty-five outstanding clients who are helping inspire the world to reuse.

Climate Action

This award recognizes those who have taken significant strides to reduce their carbon footprint, leading the charge in combating climate change by implementing sustainable practices that contribute to a greener and more resilient planet.

Hillside Festival

Social Impact Innovator

As an industry innovator, this award honors organizations that discover new ways to make a positive impact and substantial contributions to social causes, both locally and globally. Their commitment to sustainable best practices and actively promoting environmentally friendly initiatives sets them apart as champions of positive change.

HPE Aruba Networking
Marriott International
Minnesota Vikings

Sustainability Trailblazer

This award celebrates leaders who showcase unparalleled dedication to waste reduction. By introducing innovative solutions and technology, they’ve positively impacted their community and spearheaded a significant reduction in overall waste generation and landfill contributions.

Eaglebrook School

Marriott St. Louis Grand

Philanthropy Champion

Recognizing those who go beyond borders, this award acknowledges organizations actively engaged in philanthropy and collaborative projects. Their ongoing commitment to supporting charitable projects locally and globally showcases a deep sense of responsibility toward making a positive impact around the world.

ETHOS Event Collective
Google LLC

Community Leadership

Recipients of this award showcase a genuine enthusiasm for engaging and uplifting their community. This award commends organizations that demonstrate leadership in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Compass Group
Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley
The National Association of REALTORS
Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Corporate Social Responsibility

This award recognizes organizations that prioritize sustainability, aligning business practices with unwavering ethical and socially responsible values. By seamlessly integrating these values into their corporate DNA, they set a high standard for responsible business conduct.

Scan Source


Employee Engagement

This award highlights organizations that prioritize initiatives like wellness programs and sustainability tools that inspire action. Celebrating a holistic approach to employee engagement by investing in education and engagement programs, these champions promote sustainable best practices at work and daily life.

KPMG Lakehouse
Whitestone Branding

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