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Elevation Home Energy Solutions

Headquartered in Arizona, Elevation Home Energy Solutions is a fully integrated residential energy solutions company providing solar, energy efficiency and smart energy management technology to customers across multiple states in the Southwest and beyond.

Since partnering in Oct 2019, Elevation has shown that it’s not necessarily about the longevity of the Fill it Forward relationship that makes a program a success, but the strong desire to inspire reuse amongst their employees and their clients.

Elevation made a concerted effort to rally their employees around adoption into their Fill it Forward program. This included having hydration contests internally amongst their staff, and an external sustainability company strategy – to distribute their branded stickers to new clients and business partners as a gift after a purchase of their products and services had been made.

“You really can’t tell what the outcome will be until you start to see the numbers of impact compounding. This program has been so rewarding to our office culture.” shared Elizabeth Pacheco, Field Service Coordinator at Elevation Home Energy Solutions. 

“Since COVID hit, it understandably altered our sustainable goals for 2020. We’ve made it a priority to focus on driving change through the distribution of our Fill it Forward stickers because it’s the easiest, simplest and safest way to continue building upon our sustainability goals.”

The program has been so successful amongst their community, that in a short amount of time, Elevation placed another order for stickers to continue building on their momentum. With a goal of saving 20 pounds of waste diversion from our oceans by the end of Q2 2020, Elevation is now working on a social media campaign to encourage their audiences to keep refilling their reusable products, scanning their refills and continually giving to our charitable water programs within our Fill it Forward app experience.

With this generous environmental goal in mind, we look forward to seeing Elevation not only achieving their ocean pollution goal — but also successfully creating an ongoing corporate responsibility movement and a stronger employee culture within their organization.

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