Overcoming Employee Burnout for Better Health & Wellness

Overcoming Employee Burnout for Better Health & Wellness

person experiencing burnout at work
person experiencing burnout at work

October 25, 2021

We’re easily drawn to success–success in our careers, relationships and among our aspirations. A side effect of success can be the loss of oneself, inauthenticity in connections and fizzled-out vision as we’re dwelling on stressors. Success is the impulse but pressures from it lead to the path of burnout and losing control over our well-being. But that trajectory can change. 

What’s great about success is that it’s not limited to only a few areas of someone’s life. Accomplishment can live at our core and when self-care takes a front seat and success is in check, the balance leads to greatness.

Becoming aware of what causes stress and working to reduce it diminishes the risk of burnout. Small bursts of stress are manageable, but long stretches lead to burnout from untreated build-up over time, causing extreme physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

So how do we work through stress and spark joy, stepping away from a perpetuating state of tension and fatigue for both ourselves and our employees? We’ve researched how to identify burnout and ways to help you reset. 

3 Signs of Burnout


People experiencing burnout tend to feel overwhelmed even in the most familiar situations; they may start to cancel plans and isolate themselves from friends, coworkers and even their families.


Burnout, similar to other long-term stress, can lower the immune system and leave people vulnerable to the flu, colds and even insomnia. Additionally, burnout can leave people more susceptible to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 


When experiencing burnout, people may feel more physically and emotionally depleted. More than just your late-night tiredness, constant fatigue no matter how much rest you take is a sign of burnout along with sleeping and appetite changes, stomachaches and headaches.

3 Ways to Help Employees Reset

Promote a Culture of Connection

Ensure your employees feel safe and supported by fostering a culture of trust and connection. Many people try to deal with burnout on their own which can only increase the severity of it. Confiding in someone can help them feel a sense of belonging and encourage them to adjust their current lifestyle to be more focused on their mental and physical health. 

Encourage Healthy Habits

Physical health has an impact on mental health, making it essential to implement healthy daily habits to combat the stress we take on from work and life. Seek out different hydration programs for your employees and as we approach the new year it’s a great time to reflect on employee benefits and how they might shift towards health and wellness. 

Prioritize Employee Wellness

Studies prove that giving back can lead to greater satisfaction, improved happiness and overall health. Look for local volunteering opportunities for your employees. In addition to giving back, encourage employees to set time aside for what brings them the most joy. 

Look to support your community and employees when they need you most. Implementing these reset initiatives helps people feel supported and through our programs at Fill it Forward you can foster a sense of belonging by always giving.