Charitable Partner Spotlight: DigDeep

In honour of World Water Day, this blog post will be the second of our three-part charity partner spotlight series.

Access to clean water is a basic human right. Yet according to data from the American Community Survey, roughly 1.6 million Americans still don’t have hot or cold running water, a bathtub, shower or a working toilet. Millions more don’t have clean water that’s safe to drink.

For our third charitable partner spotlight of the week we want to introduce you to another one of Cupanion’s awesome charitable partners: DIGDEEP – a human rights non-profit working to ensure that every American has clean, running water for the long term.

The Los Angeles based organization helps residences gain access to clean water in places without clean, running water or basic plumbing, DIGDEEP helps American communities to build and manage low-cost systems that bring safe water into homes, schools and community centres.

DIGDEEP works in a number of marginalized communities around the nation. One of the organization’s most notable projects is the Navajo Water Project, which aims to bring running water and solar power to families on the Navajo Nation. With 40 percent of Navajo people lacking access to running water, DIGDEEP has established efforts in the community to remedy this inequity. The organization has worked on developing a new well, treating and pumping water into trucks to be better transported to homes, and installing home cisterns in over 200 homes on the Navajo Nation.

Aside from its work directly in communities, DIGDEEP is also doing amazing work to spread the message about water equity. For example, DIGDEEP manages an innovative, social media campaign called the 4Liters Challenge—named for the amount of water many Americans living in poverty survive on regularly.

DIGDEEP is working to make clean water more available and more sustainable in every community. And is an organization we here at Cupanion are extremely proud to help support with our Fill it Forward Initiative.

Interested in getting involved in helping tackle the global water crisis? Every time you refill and scan your Fill it Forward tag between March 22nd and 29th 2019, Cupanion will “double up” and give two cups of clean water to people in need!

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