Community on Campus

Community on Campus

August 4, 2021

Community on Campus

As return to work is slowly happening it’s important for us to think about the students that will be returning to campuses this fall. In 2020 many students were faced with drastic changes in their campus lives and the manner in which their courses were delivered. With the events of the past 18 months, students have felt extreme isolation and have had major effects on their mental health. A study conducted to determine the impact of mental health on college students in the US concluded that 54% of students were faced with an increased feeling of loneliness. 

“As more individuals are vaccinated against the coronavirus, we need to be seeking an antidote to the epidemic of loneliness. That antidote is belonging. This vital sense of connection and social-emotional wellness has been notably absent in the past year for many of us, amidst great disruption and a diminished educational experience.” – Brennan Barnard (Forbes)

Globally there have been a lot of conversations that remind us that connection and community are paramount to fostering growth as people, with Fill it Forward it’s more than a product, it’s a change for a better world. Our programs allow a meaningful connection and community to evolve on campus with the collective goal of greater good and impact that fosters compassion and togetherness.

We believe that empowering the next generation with the tools and knowledge necessary to combat our world water crisis is the key to a better future, and that is why we are a proud partner of NODA. NODA’s core purpose is “To create a community of practice that defines and enriches the fields of orientation, transition, and retention.” We are proud to be their sustainability partner to help schools work together for a greater purpose through our products and technologies and foster a sense of community during one of the most impactful events of a student’s time on campus, orientation. 

3 ways to ignite community on your campus with Fill it Forward 

1. Evoke a sense of belonging with our Custom Bottles

Our custom bottles are a great way to increase school pride while encouraging students to develop better daily habits for both their health and the planet. Being a part of a school can foster a sense of belonging in a student especially when they have something to show that they belong. A custom water bottle with the school’s logo is a simple way to remind students they belong on campus and are part of a big family. 

2. Engage all students (in-person & virtual) with our Virtual Program

Our virtual program is a great addition to your program that allows students not returning to campus a chance to get in on the action and support the water projects from home! With a reuse tracker right on their desktop, they can continue to track their refills and view their progress toward the project. This is a great way to keep those students learning from home still engaged with the school’s community and feel connected even when they aren’t physically there. 

3. Band together for a cause close to campus with our Custom Water Projects 

Our custom water project allows you to choose a charity that you have possibly worked with in the past or that is supporting a cause near and dear to your campus’s heart that you would like to fund. This is a great tool that can help bring together all students on campus to rally behind a cause they support. Each time they refill their water bottle they can directly see the impact they are having towards the custom project and as a school you can be proud of the accomplishments you have made together. 

Join the numerous schools across North America that have participated in one of our programs and help educate, empower and inspire the next generation! College and University students are the future, by implementing small daily habits that are rooted in the simple act of giving back we are fostering a better future for people, the planet and communities. 

Email us at to find out how you too can support your returning students and strengthen the culture and community on your campus!