Five Tips for a Successful Launch

Five Tips for a Successful Launch

Fill it Forward is used by organizations of all sizes to help make an impact on people and the planet. Whether you’re sharing the experience as a corporate gift, including a reusable in your welcome kits on campus, or hosting a one-day special event, here are five helpful tips for a successful launch.


Tip #1 – Appoint a Champion

It may seem obvious, but it’s always important to have a main point of contact. This person can be an on-site champion of the program, who helps to manage any administrative needs. This person should have a strong understanding of the Fill it Forward App experience and actively work to drive engagement. 

Helpful Resources: 

Success Hub

App Video Tutorials

FAQ Help Center


Tip #2 – Choose Impactful Dates

While Fill it Forward can be rolled out at any time of year, it is always helpful to build off a larger event or a celebration to bring focus to the launch. We have a few favorite dates, which can help to connect your launch to an environmental or philanthropic initiative, including World Water Day (March 22), Earth Day (April 22), Global Handwashing Day (October 15), and Plastic-Free July. 

Helpful Resources:

World Water Day

Earth Day


Tip #3 – Build Excitement in Advance

Help get your community excited about Fill it Forward before your launch. This may include sending an email, posting on social media, adding a section to your website, or leveraging our How it Works video. You may also want to include a link to the App experience and communicate why this initiative is important to your organization. 

Helpful Resources:

Logo & Assets

App Download Link

How it Works Video

Social Media Templates


Tip #4 – Distribute & Promote

There are a number of effective ways to distribute your products, such as swag bags or handing out items at registration desks. This is an important moment to get people excited about the potential impact they could make through the simple act of reuse. Once people are using the product, consider where you can promote scanning near water refill stations, cafeterias, or high-traffic locations. 

Helpful Resources:

Digital Poster

Print Poster


Tip #5 – Celebrate Your Impact

After all of your hard work, stop and celebrate your collective impact on people and the planet. Share your environmental impact, while encouraging users to continue scanning and keep the giving going. This is also a great opportunity to recognize your top reusers!

Helpful Resources:

Client Portal

There are always opportunities to re-engage your community by adding enhanced features to the Fill it Forward App experience. If you haven’t leveraged Custom Giving Projects, Rewards, or Teams, please connect with our Client Success Specialist Alia Ziesman who would love to help you learn more!

Thank you for joining the Fill it Forward Community and inspiring the world to reuse!

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