Five Tips To Eliminate Single-Use Plastics

Five Tips To Eliminate Single-Use Plastics

380 million tons of plastic are produced each year, 50% of this is single-use. As a community, we believe we have the power to enact change and reduce this number together.

With Plastic Free July and World Refill Day upon us, what better time to share some helpful ways to reduce single-use plastic consumption and waste!

“How can we turn the simplest acts of generosity, the decisions we make to reuse in our daily lives into life changing resources for the planet and the people who need it most?
The answer is, we Fill it Forward.” 

– Matt Wittek, Founder, Fill it Forward

1. “Choose To Reuse”:
World Refill Day and Plastic Free July are movements rooted in the idea that collectively we can all strive to change our daily habits in small ways and reduce single-use plastic waste. Together, by choosing to reuse, we can create a community of changemakers that lean on each other for support, motivation and inspiration to adjust to new and lasting daily habits. Just last year alone 900 million kg of plastic waste was avoided due to their efforts. They have continued to inspire an estimated 326 million participants in 177 countries. Will you be one of the 326 million?

Take on the challenge this July to reduce your single-use plastic waste!

2. BYOBB – Bring Your Own Bottles & Bags:
The simple act of reusing a water bottle daily can reduce single-use plastic waste by an average of 156 plastic bottles per year! Now that businesses are starting to reopen things will begin to get back to normal and stores will begin to allow customers to bring their own shopping bags. By reusing a shopping bag for a year you could save up to 307 bages per year! A great way to make sure you never leave the house without them is to keep them in the trunk of your car, that way no matter what the situation you will always have them on hand.

3.  Prepare For Meals: Eating Out + Cooking At Home:
Reduce a portion of the single-use plastic consumption from takeout food by bringing your own container, cutlery and especially a straw for all of those yummy iced coffees you so desperately need this summer!

You may be wondering…. Why carry around cutlery when restaurants offer it? Unfortunately, because of how small cutlery and straws are, they are difficult to recycle because they fall into the crevices of recycling machines. Bringing your own is such a great way to make a more sustainable decision when you’re out and about. Find some of our favourite reusable products here. 

Cooking your own meals at home also has so many benefits, beyond reducing waste! I know what you’re thinking, how did we go from reducing single-use plastic waste to becoming a chef? When you cook your own food you can make additional sustainable decisions such as buying in bulk food stores that allow you to bring in your own containers to fill and and bringing in your own produce bags. Not only does cooking at home reduce waste from takeout food but it can also result in less waste from generic food packaging you would find in the grocery store. 

Plus it’s fun to do and it will encourage you to use up the food in your fridge so that it doesn’t go bad — yay no more wasted food!

4. Making a purchase? Look for retailers that minimize packaging and waste:
Make informed decisions when supporting certain companies, look into how they are producing and recycling, reach out to them with your concerns and encourage them to explore more sustainable options! As consumers continue to expect transparency and accountability from companies more and more you will see companies putting out information on how they are making sustainability a priority. Companies that have a B Corp certification and 1% for the Planet are a great place to start as they put people and the planet before profit!

5. Become a Community Champion:
Choosing to live more sustainably is always easier when those around you are doing the same! Inspire those around you to think about their single-use plastic waste by sharing tips and tricks on how you’re implementing these new habits.

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