Get to know the Cupanion Bottle and what it's made of

Time and time again, we refer to our Tritan water bottle (The Cupanion bottle) as a high-quality alternative to an aluminum, glass, or other BPA-free water bottle. It’s the perfect reusable bottle material for taking to the gym or using during sports activities as well as for general use at home or at work. They also make great customizable gifts, and provide the perfect way to enjoy the health benefits of water.

Does it seem like we just love our Tritan Cupanion bottle? Well…we do! Here’s why you will too: 

1. Dishwasher safe

Really do you need any other reason? Our Tritan by Eastman bottle is very happy on the top shelf of your dishwasher, withstanding repeated cycles without cracking, crazing, or hazing.

2. Impact resistent

Go ahead, drop your Cupanion bottle. It won’t break. Tritan is tough! Even if you hit it with a baseball bat (we’ve tested it). They have the look of glass but won’t shatter since they are made with Tritan. Tritan is much lighter than glass – making it easier to handle, without the fear of breaking the material.

3. Odor proof

Water bottles can get dirty and smelly. Our Tritan Cupanion bottle is designed to be odor proof. It’s in its copolyster DNA. Or something equally as scientific. Seriously, put coffee in your Cupanion bottle, then rinse and fill with water. It won’t smell.

4. Temperature resistant

Our Tritan Cupanion bottle is temperature resistant, so it’s perfect for handling hot and cold beverages. But, be careful with hot beverages since the bottle is single-walled it will heat up to the touch.

5. Stain proof

Our Cupanion bottles made with Tritan are clear, transparent and stain resistant.

6. Super awesome looking

Of course all of our Cupanion products look great, but our Tritan bottles have a nice lightweight construction making them easy to carry, are stackable, and are avaliable in over 20+ different lid colours. Plus, they are ideal for organizations, businesses, and promotional events.

We hope that you found this article informative, and if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below!


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