How Do B Corps
Go Beyond?

How Do B Corps Go Beyond?

Fill it Forward has raised its overall B Impact Score score from 78 to 114 in just a few short years! We are so pleased to be Going Beyond, along with so many wonderful clients and partners who are also B Corps!

B Corps companies are committed to meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. They use their power to solve social and environmental problems rather than create them.

This year’s B Corps message “We Go Beyond” invites people to understand why and how over 6,300 B Corps (in 89 countries across 159 different industries) have chosen to embark on this impactful path.

The concept of B Corp is not just about companies attempting to look good, it’s a global movement of people that aim higher than current standards because they care about their effect on people and the planet. They want to transform the global economic system to be more inclusive and equitable. They see and conduct business as a force for good.

An essential part of their strategy is to develop global, national, and local community networks for change. All levels include adopting standards to manage and grow their positive business impact, improving their sustainability, and sharing their stories. Fill it Forward has been building a library of such stories, which you can read here: Success Stories.

“Our mission to reduce waste, give back, and promote sustainable practices was the foundation for becoming a B Corp, which we initially did in 2017. We positively impact society by inspiring the world to reuse and by supporting clean water, food, and reforestation projects around the world. In addition, we are committed to creating a positive work environment for our employees.” — Allan Babor, Director of Global Giving and Communications

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