Client Success Story

KPMG Lakehouse: Engaging Employees to Eliminate 350,000+ Single-Use Bottles

In March 2022, KPMG Lakehouse partnered with Fill it Forward to combat single-use waste on its campus, marking a significant leap forward in sustainability through its Living Green Chapter.

Aligned with the broader Living Green Network, the Living Green Chapter focuses on education, volunteerism, and program execution. In 2023, their commitment to sustainability soared as they purchased 40,000 Cupanion Bottles, effectively replacing over 350,000 single-use plastic bottles throughout the year. Every week, a new cohort of employees visits the facility, and they receive a bottle as part of their registration.

By promoting the use of these bottles at each of its 24 refillable water stations throughout the campus and scanning its QR codes, KPMG Lakehouse has reduced plastic waste and minimized its carbon footprint.

“This initiative has garnered praise from KPMG participants and fosters a sense of community engagement and environmental stewardship. KPMG Lakehouse is thankful for our partnership with Fill it Forward. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in a short time and the crucial role we all have in driving meaningful change for a more sustainable future.”

Alissa Famiano
Senior Director,
KPMG Lakehouse

Fill it Forward’s interactive technology compliments KPMG Lakehouse’s sustainability initiatives by allowing employees to track the environmental impact of each reuse. This, in turn, unlocks donations supporting global giving projects, benefiting communities in need. Their Private Group allows them to track the collective impact they are all making in an effort to reduce single-use waste on their campus.

KPMG actively promotes this program through informative signage at refill stations, encouraging individuals to recognize the impact of choosing to reuse. This initiative seamlessly integrates with their holistic approach to employee well-being, evidenced by the 15,000-square-foot fitness center, walking paths, and outdoor recreational areas. The commitment extends beyond physical and emotional well-being to encompass purpose and social connectedness.

KPMG Lakehouse’s remarkable dedication to employee wellness and sustainability was recognized with the 2023 Changemaker Award for Employee Engagement. This prestigious accolade celebrates organizations that prioritize wellness programs and sustainability tools, showcasing a holistic approach to employee engagement through investments in education and engagement programs.

As KPMG Lakehouse progresses towards achieving its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, the firm remains a symbol of innovation and collaboration. This commitment reinforces KPMG’s role as a leader in corporate responsibility and sustainable practices, setting a benchmark for others in the pursuit of a greener, more responsible future.