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Client Success Story: McCabe Promotional

Thanks to the tireless work of frontline, healthcare and public health professionals, North America’s reopening is on the horizon! We can all feel the anticipation as we work towards leaving our remote learning/working environment and head back to campus.

And thankfully, McCabe Promotional is there, working hand in hand with academic institutions in Ontario, to bring some life back to campuses!

McCabe Promotional is a promotional products distributor based out of London, Ontario. Recently B Corp certified in 2019, McCabe uses business as a force for good and works to serve traditionally underserved populations. While at an event, Natalie Kervin, the Marketing Manager with McCabe, received a swag kit that included Fill it Forward’s classic Cupanion bottle. 

Realizing that Fill it Forward was a fellow B Corp and shared their values, Natalie added the Cupanion bottle to their internal sustainability collection (where products are assessed using a questionnaire that evaluates the product’s environmental impact and social contributions). Through this thoughtful product sourcing model, McCabe is helping to transition a historically wasteful industry and create opportunities for their organization to become a leader in their field!

As McCabe works with many purpose driven companies, making up a large part of their client base, they are constantly seeking new ways to further their client’s give back initiatives.

“We want to help people tell their stories, while aligning with their brand values and creating an impact. Having Fill it Forward as part of our Impact Collection has allowed us to do that.”

As Universities and Colleges begin to open up in preparation for students and employees returning to campus, Fill it Forward has become a standout choice for McCabe’s clients. Academic institutions are always looking for opportunities to incorporate storytelling into their programming, and to provide additional opportunities to engage staff and students!

Most recently, Fill it Forward has worked with McCabe to produce amazing custom bottle and sticker designs in partnership with a few Ontario university Indigenous Centres. Each bottle features a design from one of their talented Indigenous artists, and focuses on bringing the artwork to life on the bottle without sacrificing the quality of the design. Thanks to Fill it Forward’s partnership with charitable organizations that support Indigenous clean water initiatives, the Cupanion bottle was a natural choice!

This mindful approach towards sales has allowed McCabe to build upon their client base, including many Indigenous businesses and organizations. These valued partnerships have created the space and opportunity for McCabe to continuously learn, and build on their work, in order to pave the way for a new type of promotional product industry. One based on sustainability and the art of storytelling.

Interested in partnering with Fill it Forward?

Interested in partnering with Fill it Forward?