"Not In My Backyard"

"Not In My Backyard"

May 2, 2022

“Not in my backyard” — we say to climate change

Climate change, and the push to reuse, reduce and recycle can be overwhelming at home. It doesn’t feel like your efforts amount to much when you’re just one person, does it? 

But your efforts do matter and make a huge difference — even if you can’t see it. Here’s a few things you can do (with the whole family!) this summer, right in your backyard.

Replace outdoor light bulbs with high-efficiency LED bulbs and install outdoor automatic light timers. You could also replace any backyard lights with solar-powered products. 

Reduce the use of gasoline-powered yard tools, like lawn mowers and leaf blowers. Is your teenager bored? Perfect — there’s work to be done in the yard! Using a manual or electric mower is considered safer than gasoline-powered, so kids can use it when they’re younger. 

Reduce the threat of invasive species by incorporating native species instead. Removing invasive plants from your garden and choosing an array of native alternatives can minimize the threat of invasive species expansion. Native species vary based on where you are, but many municipalities keep a list, so ask your city or town. 

Plant a tree to absorb carbon dioxide. Did you know trees can absorb and store as much as a tonne of carbon pollution (CO2) from the atmosphere? You’ll breathe easier by planting a tree or two — literally!

Reduce water consumption. Rely on natural water sources to water your plants and grass — try using rain barrels to capture water to use on drier days. 

Grow your own food. Your home garden, especially an organic one, uses less energy than a massive farm — plus you’re limiting the need to transport fresh produce across huge distances.

What are you and your family doing in the backyard this summer? Keep us up to date on your adventures by tagging us on social media with #AlwaysGiving!