Enhanced App Features

Single-use waste is a complex problem that will take many of us working together to solve. Together we can make a difference. Organizations of all sizes use the Fill it Forward app to engage their community and inspire reuse. The Private Group feature tracks collective impact and helps drive engagement with connections to enhanced app features, including Teams, Rewards, and Giving Projects.

Scan every time you reuse

All Fill it Forward bottles, cups, bags, and food containers come with a QR code printed on the side. (You can also stick a Fill it Forward Tag on any reusable you already own.) Individual users scan using the free mobile app or phone camera to track personal environmental impact and unlock a donation to a global charity project.

Celebrate your impact with a Private Group

Organizations of all sizes use Private Groups to track their collective environmental and social impact. This enhanced app feature can be turned on at any time through the Fill it Forward app.

Private Groups can be customized with the logo, photo, and description of your business or organization as an excellent way to feature your brand. Our Customer Success Team coordinates the entire setup process from start to finish and provides your administrators with helpful tools, such as our Client Portal and Impact Board.

App users can join the Private Group with a simple scan of the Fill it Forward Tag, which automatically adds the individual to the Reuse Leaderboard. Soon you can begin to celebrate the positive impact of your efforts on people and the planet.

Check out some of our Success Stories to help you learn more about how clients track and celebrate their impact.  

Private Groups
Perfect for companies, schools or events looking to track their collective impact
  • Feature your logo, photo, and description.
  • Track up to five environmental metrics.
  • View the in-app leaderboard.

Encourage healthy competition with Teams

The Teams Feature encourages friendly competition by bringing together multiple groups. This feature helps to gamify the user experience and can be turned on for monthly themed challenges or as a custom goal that everyone can work towards. The first team to reach the goal wins! 

People’s Credit Union leveraged the Teams feature by launching a Summer Hydration Challenge between seven of their departments. Together, this organization has diverted more than 6,000 single-use items in less than four months!

Track the collective impact of your Group’s Teams.
  • Set up 2-10 teams within your Private Group.
  • Customize the color and icon for each Team.
  • Create goals and competitions.

Recognize reuse with the Draw Rewards feature

Every scan = a draw ticket. The more you reuse, the more tickets you receive to win a Reward. This feature allows organizations to set a prize and customize contest details. Administrators can randomly select a winner using the Client Portal at any time. 

During Welcome Week The University of Minnesota used the Rewards feature to engage students. Each student received a Tag, which was then placed on their favorite reusable bottle. The ‘Choose ReUse and Win’ campaign helped to motivate students and diverted more than 125,038 single-use bottles from the landfill!

Reward engagement with draws and prizes.
  • Every reuse = 1 draw ticket.
  • Add contest details and a custom reward.
  • Select a random winner anytime.

Make a difference with Custom Giving 

Another way to amplify your impact is by supporting a Custom Giving Project. With this feature, everyone works toward a shared charitable goal to support a specific project and location. Every scan helps unlock a donation that provides clean water, nutritious food, or reforestation projects to communities in need. 

Since launching Fill it Forward in their offices, Godlan has funded a new giving project every quarter. Employees have diverted over 90,000 single-use items from our oceans and contributed towards multiple projects worldwide!

Custom Giving Projects
Support a specific Giving Project and location.
  • Select from our trusted charitable partners OR onboard a new charity.
  • Set a giving goal and track the impact of your Group.
  • Feature your brand logo ‘in support of’ the project.

Our Customer Success Team is ready to help and has worked with over 500 organizations to inspire reuse. Connect with us to review best practices and enhance your Fill it Forward app experience today! We’re excited to work together. Send us a message to get started.

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