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Client Success Story: Know Indigenous History

Since 2011, Know Indigenous History has been working to bring Canadian Indigenous history to life, offering a range of historical services. Know Indigenous History assists in the research, presentation and documentation of Canada’s Indigenous history. As historians, Know Indigenous History recognizes that traditional historical narratives fail First Nations, Metis, and Inuit. There is a profound absence of Indigenous stories and a lack of Indigenous accounts. 

Know Indigenous History was created to understand that the best way to decolonize history is to partner with Indigenous peoples and their communities. For this reason, Know Indigenous History works to offer services unique to the needs of Indigenous communities. All archival collections are given community-wide access to preserve the knowledge for future generations.

Working throughout Canada, the team works alongside policymakers, museums, filmmakers, and indigenous organizations to collect and celebrate Canadian history.

With their team of passionate and dedicated historians – Know Indigenous History works tirelessly to help people “connect with and discover their past and discover history’s impact on the present and future.”

Know indigenous History’s services are designed to work alongside and benefit Indigenous peoples and communities. This is done through acknowledging the vitality and importance of oral history, the authority of Traditional Knowledge, and the importance and power of self-government. All of this historical work is done while contextualizing colonial sources to present a nuanced understanding of history. 

In 2018, there were 174 drinking water advisories in over 100 of Canada’s First Nations, with some communities being without safe drinking water for over 20 years. 

Know Indigenous History believes this legacy should become history. 

For world water day, Know Indigenous History collaborated with Fill it Forward to bring $10 000 dollars of funding to Water First – Canada’s leading charitable organization working with Indigenous communities to resolve local water challenges.

The funds will provide opportunities for Indigenous adults to undertake training programs to pursue a career in water science. This is an important step in supporting First Nations communities who have identified that they need qualified local personnel to run and monitor their water plants.

At Fill it Forward, we partner with DIGDEEP and Water First in North America to bring clean water to families in Canada and the United States.

Interested in partnering with Fill it Forward?

Interested in partnering with Fill it Forward?