Minnesota Vikings’ Winning Play in Environmental Responsibility

Client Success Story Minnesota Vikings’ Winning Play in Environmental Responsibility In the competitive world of professional sports, the Minnesota Vikings have embraced a new kind of victory—off the field. Teaming up with Fill it Forward, the Vikings are not only scoring touchdowns but also making strides in environmental sustainability and community engagement. “Fill it Forward […]

Marriott St. Louis Grand: A Sustainability Trailblazer

Client Success Story Marriott St. Louis Grand: A Sustainability Trailblazer Positioning itself at the forefront of sustainability within the hotel industry, the Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel has partnered with Fill it Forward, revolutionizing its approach to single-use plastics reduction. Since the launch of the program in July 2023, every room at the hotel has […]

Whitestone Branding: Prioritizing The Planet

Whitestone Branding is a shining example of a company that takes time to find the right solutions for their clients and prioritizes products that do good for the planet.

Top 5 Event Distribution Strategies

Connecting and engaging event attendees all starts with the ‘first scan’. It is a special moment where, for the first time, you experience the positive impact you can have on people and the planet.

How Do B Corps Go Beyond

Fill it Forward has raised its overall B Impact Score score from 78 to 114 in just a few short years! We are so pleased to be Going Beyond, along with so many wonderful clients and partners who are also B Corps!

HPE Aruba Networking: Creating a Global Atmosphere of Giving and Reuse

HPE Aruba Networking is inspiring people around the world by implementing sustainable solutions at their global events.

Introducing QR Codes + Web App Features

Today, nearly 1 billion people still lack access to clean water. Our incredible charitable partners are working strategically to bring sustainable solutions that make an impact on communities around the world. Learn more about the people, projects, and places they are making a difference.


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